Odds and Ends

I can’t believe I didn’t hear a single joke about a Total Recall today. I’m extremely disappointed.

On the bright side, Frequency 1.2b7 is out. Feel free to download and test it if you want to check out the new features in 1.2, such as Radio support, Movable Type support (both with categories), way improved post editing, faster HTML previewing, and more flexible setup. The beta expires on October 15.

So you wanna fake being an indie rock expert? Here’s your chance. So start somewhere safe: Sonic Youth . You cannot go wrong if you like Sonic Youth. Everybody in indie rock likes Sonic Youth, and those who don’t are afraid to admit it. So you can talk all night long about what a genius frontman-guitarist Thurston Moore is, and nobody will ever think you are an idiot or don’t know what you are talking about.

Interrogating the bird: A man claims a woman wrongly adopted his lost parrot — and he can prove it if given a chance to question the bird in court.

Meteorite smashes through roof: I’ve been very disorientated by the whole thing, especially when I consider what a narrow escape we all had and what could have happened.

Joy After Sun: Windows isn’t well architected. There’s a simple way to find out if an operating system has been well designed. When you get an error message, go to the help system and look up the exact words in that message to see if there was enough of a concept of an architecture that they have a consistent vocabulary to talk about what’s broken… All you have to do is try it on a Mac and on a PC to see the difference. Apple took the time to come up with a concise vocabulary, but in Windows the designers of the help system used different terminology from the programmers. That reflects a lack of design discipline, which means that as the system grows, so does the ambiguity of the software itself. Well, no arguments here.

Aaahh, nothing like a good animal-rights-liberation-goes-bad story: minks are apparently cannibals.

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