What’s Up, Doc(k)?

Well, a trend in Mac circles right now seems to be sharing what’s on your dock. Not that anybody cares, but here’s mine.

It’s situated on the bottom, where it rightfully belongs. I’m constantly amazed at how many people, my wife included, pin the dock to the left or right. I told Jen I can’t believe I’m married to a dock-on-the-right woman. She said it’s only because AppleWorks doesn’t respect the dock. OK, I can live with that.

I have magnification turned on. Sometimes it annoys me, and sometimes it causes me to click on the wrong icon, but it’s just do danged cool. And I don’t have the dock hidden; only Luddites do that.

Onto the goodies. Starting from the left: Finder, Safari, Mail, Address Book, iCal, QuickMail Pro (blech – only use it for school, and only because I have to; I am actively looking for ways to put a bullet through its head), REALbasic 5.2.1 (latest release version), REALbasic 5.5a6 (latest pre-release version with shiny, new DB), Word X, PowerPoint X, AppleWorks 6 (still my preferred word processor), BBEdit Lite 6.1, SubEthaEdit (the text processor formerly known as Hydra), GoLive 6, Photoshop 7, ImageReady 7, Terminal, iPhoto 2, iTunes 4, QuickTime Player, Preview, StuffIt Expander, Frequency, NetNewsWire Lite, iChat AV, Apple’s X11, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3. Then the little divider. On the right, starting from the little divider, we have a custom FileMaker database I wrote for managing worship services at my church (makes it really easy to generate CCLI reports), Downloads folder, Projects folder, Games folder, and Trash.

So, what’s missing from my Dock? Excel, for one. I don’t use it that much. FileMaker used to have a prominent place on the dock, but I’ve been working hard on making it obsolete for myself. No room for Internet Explorer, either, although up until very recently, I still had Camino and Mozilla on the Dock. But they just can’t compete with Safari. For these less frequently used apps, I use Ranchero’s great TigerLaunch.

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