Daddy/Daughter Day

Man, I’m tired.

Grace and I spent the day together today; mostly just the two of us. Jen had a lot of children’s curriculum to write for 40 Days of Purpose, and she needed some uninterrupted time to do it.

This morning Grace wanted to do nothing but play on the Playhouse Disney website. OK, I thought, that’ll last about ten minutes. I figured I’d check my email and she’d be done. She went for hours. It was really kinda sad and weird: Jen was at her PowerBook, I was ay my PowerBook, and Grace was at the XP laptop. We’re a family of nerds.

After lunch, the rain seemed to have ceased, so Grace and I headed to Long’s Park to feed moldy pitas to nasty ducks. Good times. We made the mistake of walking out onto a very tiny dock-like structure. We were immediately surrounded by ill-intentioned waterfowl.

And check out the beak on this guy:

After escaping their clutches, we were headed to the playground. And then the rains came. Grace decided she’d rather skip the playground and not get wet. Good choice. We headed to Stauffer’s to pick up something for dinner (for the cupboard was bare).

While we were at Stauffer’s, we decided to go through the Hay Maze a few times:

Then dinner, devotions, prayer, and sleep.

I love these days with Grace. I can’t believe she’ll be going to Kindergarten next year. And after that… I can’t even think about it. I’m just trying to hold on while I can, because I know that someday she’ll be gone in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

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