Tonight I intended to: finalize Frequency 1.2b5 for public release, work on the interface and ERD for Frequency Pro some more, create a working beta of Abstract (school project), work on redesigning truetech.org (because I’m so tired of this design).

Instead I: went to Friendly’s for dinner with my in-laws (and broke my diet yet again), had a sing along with Gracie, worked on some new praise and worship music for church, and… that was about it.

I need to slow down like this. The pace at work has been ridiculous, and I’m starting to see myself reacting to things in ways that I don’t like. It’s taking a toll; on Saturday, I couldn’t even get out of bed until some time in the afternoon (even though my father-in-law arrived around ten in the morning and started working in the (almost finished) bathroom). I had a splitting headache and couldn’t tolerate light or sound.

Yesterday we went out and (uncharacteristically) bought a digital video camera. We got a JVC Mini-DV camera. So far, I’m very pleased with it. We got an open-box deal from Circuit City, so the camera and four Mini-DV tapes were ours for under $350. This will be nice for Jen to use at preschool (believe or not) and for me to use with church. It replaces our giant, honkin’ VHS-C camcorder that we bought just before Gracie was born. At the time, I had a lengthy debate with myself: should I go digital? I had no computer with FireWire at the time, and the cheapest DV cameras could not be had for less than $1000. So I plunked down almost $800 on a very nice (for its day) VHS-C camcorder (also from JVC). Who’d have thought I’d spend half that for a really nice DV camera four years later? I never anticipated price drops like the ones we’ve seen on DV equipment. And of course, now we have Jen’s new 12″ PowerBook G4 to do the editing on (iMovie and iDVD).

Still gearing up for 40 Days of Purpose (let me know what you think of that design: all CSS, no tables) at Westwood. I’m really excited to be part of it. And I’m really encouraged to see the excitement building at Westwood. We get things rolling on October 11. If you’re in my neck of the woods, please consider this a personal invitation to come to Westwood for the Kick-Off Event (free food!) and the following 40 days. You won’t be sorry you did.

So I’ve lessened the amount of time I spend at the keyboard for the last few days, and it’s been good. I feel better.

But I suppose I’ll plug back in soon, because I’m selfish and self-destructive that way.

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