11 Things I’ve Learned, Realized, Accepted, or Otherwise Acknowledged Today, September 20, 2003

1. Rock’n’Roll Worship Circus is even better live. Their message and their sound are phenomenal.

2. The Hershey’s Special Dark milkshake at the Chocolate World food court is wonderful. Dr. Atkins is spinning in his grave as I write this, but I must be honest.

3. Grace really, really likes Steven Courtney.

4. WJTL did a great job with Christian Music Day at Hershey Park.

5. Mamma Ilardo’s pizza is very good, especially considering it was purchased, made, and consumed in an amusement park.

6. Hershey Park is getting bigger and better all the time.

7. Anji likes roller coasters. In fact, Anji will ride anything but the Pirate Ship, because she had a traumatic experience on it once.

8. I need to be a better worshipper to become a better worship leader.

9. You shouldn’t place your customers’ receipts under the pizza tray if you use thermal paper for said receipts, or you will end up with this:

10. I need to break out the Rickenbacker more often.

11. My purpose in life has nothing at all to do with my job.

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