That was weird. I just

That was weird. I just downloaded the newest beta of Mozilla (I’ve been the alpha and it’s been astonishingly stable) and it quit on me. Mozilla has never done that to me before that I can remember. Hmm.

Active Directory. I can’t wait until I’m done with this beast. What a nightmare. After my NT 4 domains (sniff … my trusty old NT 4 domains that never gave me trouble … well, almost never … OK, I’d be using Samba if it did trusts and BDCs) were upgraded, the new directory somehow became corrupt. The other domain controller stopped replicating and decided that it couldn’t connect to the directory anymore, even though I could run the AD admin tools with no problem. So I had to start over. One of my NT 4 domains is most likely gone forever, so I started fresh with a new installation of Windows2000. Talk about an unforgiving product. Type one character wrong at the beginning, and you’re stuck with it forever.

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