Yesterday I visited one of

Yesterday I visited one of my favorite stores – Fred’s Music. I needed some strings and picks for next Sunday’s show. While the guy was ringing me up, I noticed that the two cash registers were both blue iMacs. I asked if the whole system was Mac based and the guy said that the owner was a big Mac guy. I thought that was cool.

Then the bass tech comes up and tells me that Mac is probably going out of business because of this new system they came out with. I knew where the conversation was headed as soon as the guy referred to the corporation as “Mac” instead of Apple. I asked if he meant OS X, and sure enough, he did. I asked why that was going to put them out of business (after all, I think OS X is one of the best things Apple has ever done). He went on to explain that because the new system is based on Linux, you can’t ever do any audio or video work.

I paused, reflected, and said, “It’s not based on Linux.” He persisted. I went into more detail, explaining about BSD and how it’s definitely not Linux. He accepted my assertion Mac OS X is BSD-based, but insisted that that’s the same thing as Linux. But he repeated that that’s why nobody can ever do audio or video work on it. Because it’s Linux.

Even though it’s not.

And you can.

What a hoser.

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