Windows2000 doesn’t seem to like

Windows2000 doesn’t seem to like me very much. Or at least, Active Directory doesn’t like me. More like despises me. What a pain in the neck to upgrade a multiple domain NT network to 2000. I haven’t even touched my Win95 clients yet; can’t wait to see what’s in store there. Of course, File Services for Macintosh is working perfectly. Yes, even when Windows clients can’t connect to the Windows server, Mac clients are fine. Ha!

At least I found out how to do a bulk import of users, which is good, because I wasn’t about to hand-type almost 2000 student accounts into the directory. I used the NT User Wizard on the old servers, but that’s no longer supported in 2000 and there is no comparable free tool. So I’m stuck with the command line. Funny thing is that I’m more comfortable with the command line than I’ve ever been thanks to Mac OS X.

Quick reminder: August 4, 6:30 PM, Elizabethtown Borough Park. Steve Goss on percussion, me on guitar and vocals, and very likely Jen Rhine on bass. Should be a great time.

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