In The Papers

Today my band, Superficial Charm played at a benefit concert for Bethany Christian Services, a great organization that helps a lot of kids find homes. As I’ve mentioned, my son Jonathan is adopted, so when they asked us to play, we jumped at the chance.

One of the reasons we were invited was a song I wrote, which Bethany’s local director, Mark Unger, heard when we played a gig with his band. I wrote the song “Find Me” for Jonathan, in an attempt to explore what his life must have been like before us.

Mark liked the song so much that he had Bethany’s PR guy contact us, and we ended doing an interview for the local paper to help plug today’s concert. They got a few details wrong (for example, my band is a three piece, not a duo) but we were happy to be able to share a bit.

I may write more on this later, but right now I’m typing on my iPhone and it’s getting kind if tiresome. 😉

The article is here:

Something New

Something new that Tom and I are doing. My lovely wife will of course be playing bass and Tattoo Steve will be sitting in on drums.

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The Art & Soul Cafe meets in the basement of St. Paul’s Church in Mountville, PA. It’s a laid back, casual environment where artists and musicians gather to make a cool place to hang out. I’ve played there a couple times and it’s always a good time. Come on out. We have cookies.