Well, perhaps this could help

Well, perhaps this could help us out a bit. If you live in Pennsylvania, please consider writing to your representative about this bill.

Jon Rubinstein, on Apple’s decision to “discontinue the PowerBook” (via Crazy Apple Rumors): Man, I really don’t want to open that thing up again. The last time we did, there were six screws and this little thing that looked like a square bottle cap left over when we were finished. We just sat there staring at each other. No one had any idea where they were supposed to go. If you’ve ever opened a PowerBook, you’re laughing right now.

Cable modem has been up and down today. I’m off to get some Spider-Man pictures for Gracie before it chokes again. For some reason she has decided that she likes Spider-Man, despite the fact that she’s never seen him.

The Register’s Andrew Orlowski on

The Register’s Andrew Orlowski on the continued testimony of Bill Gates: Therapists typically base the nuttiness of a patient on the strength of their convictions, on which basis this 43,000 word opus alone stands as a kind of testament to Bill’s madness.

The thing that Andrew gets, that most people don’t seem to, is that Microsoft has already been found guilty. This is a remedy hearing. This is basically a convicted criminal telling the court that the punishment being considered would really inconvenience him. Well, guess what. It’s supposed to. It supposed to hurt. It’s supposed to make you change your behavior. What a travesty.

Bill Gates: In cross-examination during

Bill Gates: In cross-examination during his second day on the witness stand, Gates reluctantly said the proposed remedies would have kept Microsoft from threatening to cease development of Mac Office if Apple Computer had not installed Internet Explorer on new computers. Well, duh.

Arg! Stupid virus! Receiving an e-mail containing the Klez virus “from” someone does not indicate that their computer is infected or that they sent the virus, antiviral experts said. Klez spoofs “From” information in the e-mails the virus sends. My friend Steve has it. I’m getting killed. He has to use Outlook Express on Windows where he works. If he were allowed to use his PowerBook with the Mac version of Outlook Express, this wouldn’t be happening.

I learned a lot about Active Directory today. Pretty cool, but it seems very complicated. I’m very excited that it can function as a standard LDAP server, because I’ll be authenticating Mac OS X Server against it if everything works out right.

Apparenty the propaganda thing from yesterday was a hoax. Not a very funny one in the grand scheme of things, but (and I must credit where credit is due) very well executed. I’ve known too many people who reason like that.

Propaganda: This OS — and

Propaganda: This OS — and its Darwin offspring — extensively use what are called “daemons” (which is how Pagans write “demon” — they are notoriously poor spellers: magick, vampyre, etc.) which is a program that hides in the background, doing things without the user’s notice. If you are using a new Macintosh running OS X then you probably have these “daemons” on your computer, hardly something a good Christian would want! This clearly illustrates that not only is Macintosh based on Darwinism, but Darwinism is based on Satanism. It’s stuff like this that makes people think Christianity is weird and narrow-minded. Flaws in logic and the guy’s astonishing lack of technical prowess aside, you’ll almost always find the conspiracy you’re looking for if you look hard enough. This just makes me shake my head.

I still find it odd that Mac OS Rumors has this tagline: The Future of the Macintosh. More like the very recent past of the Macintosh, as previously seen on Apple Hot News.

Bill Gates finally testifies in person. Yikes.

MacNN (no link for reasons

MacNN (no link for reasons which will become obvious) is now gifting me with pop under ads. You know what my biggest problem with pop unders is? It’s the not the advertising, although I do find that annoying. It’s that Internet Explorer for the Mac decides to use the dimensions of the pop under window for next new browser window. That’s infuriating. I guess I’m done with MacNN.

That’s a shame, really. Macintouch isn’t what it used to be, either. Their turning point was the day Ric posted his infamous “Monopoly” editorial on the front page, drawing the ire of Steve Jobs and countless devoted readers.

So where is one to go for good Mac-oriented news? There’s MacSlash, but they’re busy trying to be SlashDot. Once upon a time you could even get good dirt from MacOSRumors, but I think they need to change their name to reflect the fact that only post the painfully obvious, and only after it has already happened. If I were one of his paying subscribers, I’d be pretty pissed. O’Grady is a shadow of what it once was. The commercial Mac rags are horrible.

What’s a guy have to do to get some Mac news? Apple Hot News?

How Microsoft Conquered Washington: After

How Microsoft Conquered Washington: After the Justice Department filed its antitrust suit in 1998, Microsoft–a company famous for its disdain of government–undertook the largest government affairs makeover in corporate history. The company now boasts one of the most dominating, multifaceted, and sophisticated influence machines around, one that spends tens of millions a year.

I find this pretty frightening. I don’t like the idea of any company wielding that kind of influence over politicians. I know that means I’m hopelessly naive. So be it. At least I’m honest.

11 Things About Spider-Man, including

11 Things About Spider-Man, shop including one very weird lawsuit about billboards in Times Square.

No way. Mozilla hits 1.0 status. Wow. And, look I downloaded it at 140k/sec at home. Thanks, Comcast.

Speaking of Comcast, I had another outage today, but as I was on hold with their support folks (again, very friendly and eager to help), I removed a coax splitter from my setup and everything came back to life. Maybe all of these outages were my fault?