This Is It

Well, this is it. Tomorrow is the big day, when Frequency (at least the OS X version) is unleashed upon the world. Special thanks to Dave Mancuso, Mike Williams, Andre Garzia, Christian Crumlish, Rob Tillotson, and Michael (something) for beta testing the Mac OS X version. Next on the list is to finish up the Classic version and get it out the door, then knuckle down on the Windows version. After that, it’s off to 1.1, hopefully with all three platforms in sync. I’ve got big plans for future versions.

Another thanks to Mike for having the eyes of a hawk.

And an extra special thanks to Dave for helping with the documentation, which would have been much sparser if not for his involvement.

More info about Frequency is (finally) available here.

Oh, and the official “Powered By Frequency” web badge is finished:

What do you think?

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