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PS: If you’re reading this on my blog, this is a Facebook thing, but I thought it might make a fun blog post.

1. I am an unashamed Mac snob, but that’s mostly because I know Windows so well.
2. I’ve known my wife Jen since eighth grade Spanish class, where she couldn’t pronounce her Spanish name well at all. For years after, she thought my name was Nacho. I love her more than anything in this world. We’ve been married since 1994, just before our senior year in college.
3. I adopted a son in 2008. His name is Jonathan and he’s five years old going on four. I was a foster parent to five other children before that.
4. I’m a worship leader at my church. I’ve been involved in leading worship since college, when I helped out at Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.
5. I named my daughter Grace because she is a gift from God.
6. I was in a Christian rock band called Anonymous Joe for two years in the ’90s. I sang and played guitar. My wife played bass.
7. I wrote a complete student information system using REALbasic and PostgreSQL. It was called Kodiak and it will be retired this summer.
8. Watership Down is probably my favorite novel.
9. For years I was obsessed with The Kinks. I still think they were one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time.
10. I can’t tolerate corduroy and I don’t like to wear navy blue pants.
11. My dog and my son both have reactive attachment disorder. It’s funny in the dog. Not so much for my son.
12. Music is an extremely important part of my life. I almost always have music going, whether I’m at my desk or in the car. I don’t understand people who crave silence.
13. I went years without really watching television, aside from whatever children’s shows my daughter was watching (I loved Bear In The Big Blue House and pre-Joe Blue’s Clues). But lately I’ve been into Battlestar Galactica, Chuck, Dexter, LOST, Heroes, and The Big Bang Theory.
14. Jen and I lost our first son on October 31, 2000. He was stillborn. To this day, I hate Halloween. His name was Robert, in honor of my maternal grandfather, who is one of the greatest men I know.
15. I have owned six guitars. I currently own two, a Parkwood H4 and an Alvarez White Fusion.
16. I may have mild OCD.
17. The first concert I ever attended was INXS in Philadelphia in 1989, part of their Calling All Nations Tour. The opening act was Ziggy Marley. I later learned that my friend Tim was there, but we never met until 2005 or so, when he started going to my church and joined the worship team with me. The last concert I went to (as of this writing) was Chris Tomlin in Hershey, part of his Hello Love tour.
18. Speaking of INXS, Anonymous Joe played a show at Javacasa the night that Michael Hutchence took his own life. It was one of our best shows ever.
19. I have a BSE in English and I’m a certified English teacher. I’ve been working in technology since 1992.
20. My middle name is Russell, which is my father’s first name. My son’s middle name is Russell, in honor of my father.
21. I bought my first television in 2008. Actually, two of them. Up until then, I’d never paid for one. I only got hand-me-downs from relatives and friends.
22. I have a tie clip made from the battery of Dwight Eisenhower’s watch.
23. I don’t pay much attention to money. I go to work and money shows up in my account. Jen handles almost all of the finances, because if I did it, we’d be homeless.
24. I am starting a new band called Superficial Charm. I sing and play guitar. My wife plays bass. My good friend Tom plays lead guitar.
25. I am saved by grace alone.

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