Most Hated

The fine folks at ars technica report on a survey that says folksonomy is the most hated word on the internet. The rest of the list:
Social Networking

Obviously I was not consulted. I would have blogosphere at the top of the list, surrounded by BLINK tags. Don’t get me wrong. Folksonomy is a decidedly stupid word, but not nearly as bad as blogosphere.

As for the others, well, blog isn’t so bad. I initially preferred weblog, but I’ve caught myself saying blog more than a few times now. Netiquette I can deal with. At least it’s been around for a while. I don’t know what a blook is. A book written in a blog? No idea. Webinar is completely moronic. Just utterly and completely moronic. Nothing redeeming about it whatsoever. Social Networking I can deal with. Sure, it’s overrated and overblown, but at least it’s not a made up word. On the other hand, I always thought cookie was a stupid word, at least as it applies to web technology. As for wiki, well, don’t get me started.

If you question my authority in judging these words, know that I am a technology professional and a certified English teacher.

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