Cats And Dogs

I’ve never been much of a cat person.

Not to mention that Grace and I are both allergic.

So why did I let Grace get one?

Because Grace needs something to take care of, something that she can be responsible for.

And because I’m a pushover. You can see how the cat walks all over me already.

I do have to admit that she’s pretty cute. Fiesty, though. She keeps hunting my feet, and she’s a pretty good hunter.

Her name? Well, since we already have Jack, we decided to call her Jill. I also suggested Diane, as well as The Beanstalk, but nobody liked those ideas.

Tomorrow will be one week since she arrived and I have to say, so far, so good. My allergies are under control (thank you, Zyrtec) and Grace’s seem to be okay as well. Jen, of course, loves having a cat; she’s been pestering me to get one for years.

In the end, I’m still a dog person. Why? Let me put it this way. I remember watching a show on PBS a year or so in which some guy was showing people how to train their dogs. None of his techniques worked on my mutt, of course, but it was still interesting. He summed up how I feel about dogs by saying that dogs are the only animals that always choose to be with people. He also pointed out that you never hear of a cat spending the night with a lost child to keep it warm, but you do hear that kind of thing about dogs sometimes.

He also referred to a Native American legend about dogs:

Native American spirituality has an honored place for our canine companions. One legend says that Dog made a conscious choice to link their lives to humankind. The legend says that as the ‘door’ to the spirit realm began to close to humankind, Dog lept through to live alongside humans. And because of this singular devotion and sacrifice, Native American spirituality has since revered the dog.

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