REAL World 2007, Day Zero

And so it has begun again. This morning I woke up in Lancaster, rode to Harrisburg (courtesy of Tom), flew to Pittsburgh (who has free wifi in the airport), flew to Newark, and finally flew to Austin. All for REAL World 2007.

Not much to report so far. My flights were quiet and uneventful, which, incidentally, is exactly how I prefer them.

I did the early registration tonight and hung to chat with Stephen, Norman, Aaron, Bill, Jon, Asher, and a few other guys. Dave finally got in from his flight around 9:00, at which point we walked around 6th Street for a while before getting pizza, since neither of us had had supper).

Then we watched a couple episodes of The Office and now I’m about to go to bed.

Tomorrow starts off with Geoff’s keynote, followed by a customer keynote (not sure what that’s about), and then another keynote by some dude from Novell (almost certainly about Linux). Should be interesting.

I’m not sure quite sure what to expect from the announcements this year, although there are a few things I’m hoping for, namely Cocoa and Swordfish. Swordfish was supposed to ship in 2005 and Cocoa was supposed to ship in 2006. I understand things change, and I know RS got pounded pretty hard by Apple’s Intel switch. But I could really use both of these technologies.

I imagine Geoff will really drive home the fact that REALbasic 2007 R2 was built with REALbasic 2007 R1. That’s great news, and certainly worth bragging about.

Otherwise, I’m not sure what we’ll hear tomorrow, but I’ll post here when I know more.

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