The Laundry Room Sessions

The Laundry Room SessionsSo it looks I might be working on some music with the drummer from my worship team. That’s why I spent some time last night recording new versions of some of my older songs. I wanted to get them down in acoustic, stripped down fashion, with no effects or anything, just guitar and vocals. So these are pretty raw, but you’re welcome to take a listen if you’d like. I’m hoping to see these arrangements change pretty dramatically in the coming days.

There’s not much new here, although I think this is the first time “Dirty Little Secret” was recorded. Otherwise, if you’ve ever been to one of my shows, it’s a pretty good bet you’ve most of these before.

Why did I call it The Laundry Room Sessions? Well, a few years ago, David helped me record some songs in our office (using just a PlainTalk microphone) and we jokingly called that The Office Sessions. Since I recorded these in my laundry room (which is also my home office), I decided to keep the joke going.

Grab individual tracks in MP3 format here:
Strange Days
No Soul For Sale
If I Fell
It Happens All The Time
Dirty Little Secret

Or grab a zip archive of all eight songs here.

Thanks to GarangeBand for making it easy.

PS: For bonus points, listen closely toward the end of “Strange Days” where I completely blow the rhythm.

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