Automatic CS Paper Generator

This is brilliant: an automatic computer science research paper generator. Just fill in the author names, and this does the rest. Probably convincing for those that don’t work in IT, too.

Here’s a sample, entitled Towards the Synthesis of Vacuum Tubes:

We motivate a novel methodology for the refinement of write-back caches (Quip), which we use to validate that telephony and the UNIVAC computer [1] can collaborate to answer this riddle. This is crucial to the success of our work. The shortcoming of this type of solution, however, is that expert systems can be made “fuzzy”, random, and introspective. Two properties make this solution different: we allow neural networks to harness low-energy methodologies without the study of active networks, and also our application is based on the principles of cryptoanalysis. However, this method is usually adamantly opposed. Nevertheless, the study of link-level acknowledgements might not be the panacea that cyberneticists expected. Combined with multi-processors, it synthesizes new symbiotic theory.

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