April 1st Again

So April 1st rolls around again, but on a Sunday (Palm Sunday, to boot).

April Fool’s Day on a Sunday isn’t as much fun as a weekday. And in browsing the tech sites, it seems that everyone is either trying too hard, or not trying enough. For example:

According to Apple sources, OS 11 will move away from the BSD/Mach kernel used in OS X, and adopt the Linux kernel instead, allowing users to make use of a far greater range of packages and hardware components.

See, that’s not funny. Because a good April Fool’s prank has to be believable. That’s what differentiates a prank from just a stupid non-funny joke. Although, truth be told, I did enjoy this tidbit from that same article:

The tentative nicknames for OS 11 have also been leaked after Apple applied for their copyright. Whereas OS X naming was based on big cats (Tiger, Leopard, Jaguar, etc.), OS 11 releases will be named after bears. Here’s the tentative list:
OS 11.0, “Polar”
OS 11.1, “Grizzly”
OS 11.2, “Panda”
OS 11.3, “Kodiak”
OS 11.4, “Sloth”
OS 11.5, “Sun”

I think 11.3 will rock.

I’ll try to post a more complete roundup of this year’s pranks tomorrow.

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