Weekend Wrapup

This weekend, I…
…learned that camels growl.
…got growled at by a camel.
…ate Nino’s pizza in Millersville.
…went to my daughter’s first basketball game. Sadly, her team lost by two baskets, but all the kids played well.
…watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Thumbs up.
…went to my nephew’s second basketball game. Sadly, his team lost by one basket.
…learned how to operate the scorekeeping machine thingy at my nephew’s basketball game. Hey, it plugs in; let the computer guy handle it!
…tried to get my nephew’s coach to bribe me to help his team win. He wouldn’t do it, so they lost and I didn’t make any extra cash.
…solved the weird reverb problem with my church’s sound system.
…watched my father-in-law impulsively stick his finger into a donkey’s mouth.
…watched my father-in-law nearly get his finger bitten off by a donkey.
…received communion from a guy who looked distressingly like Horatio Sans.
…ate at Hoss’s.
…wrote a program that combined 99 AIFF files into one QuickTime movie in about two seconds (the program ran in two seconds; it took about an hour to write).
…put one of our pastor’s sermons online for the first time.
…worked on my church’s website some more. No link; it’s not ready yet. Although the clever among could probably figure out the domain name.
…installed a Nintendo emulator on my PC for Grace.
…cursed the stupid mine cart level in Donkey Kong Country.
…watched a cat hiss at Grace, then try to hide from her. The cat just doesn’t like her.
…took Jack for a walk.
…swtiched Jack to a new dog food.
…helped Jen clean up dog vomit a couple times.
…switched Jack back to his old food.
…took possession of our new loveseat. Leather…. mmmmmm….
…checked my new database server pretty often. Almost to OCD levels. As of this moment, it’s up and running.
…performed the Barenaked Ladies/Sarah McLachlan arrangement of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings” at church.
…played with a chihuahua and a dachsund at Petology.
…scoured Ollie’s for inexpensive gifts that Jen needs for a children’s Christmas party.
…listened to the Chipmunks’ Christmas album about five times.
…watched Grace, my nephews, and my nephews’ neighbor make gingerbread houses.
…stole and ate a lot of candy from said gingerbread houses.
…played with the Photoshop CS3 beta.
…drove around looking at Christmas lights.
…saw three really short horses.
…finished reading Star Wars: The Truce at Bakura.
…started reading Star Wars: The Courtship of Princess Leia.

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