Things That Bug Me

1) The guy on 283 with the DON’T TELL ME WHAT KIND OF DAY TO HAVE bumper sticker that flips me off every time he sees me. And he’s adamant about it, too. When he flips me off, he purses his lips and his face looks like he’s barely containing his rage. I have no idea what that’s about. I think the dude needs to think about switching to decaf or something.

2) The tetanus shot I got this evening. Hurts like a boogie. My whole right arm is stiff and sore.

3) Visual Basic. I just tried it. And it’s nasty. Ewww. How do people use that thing?

4) The fact that the pharmacist and cashier at Eckerd’s totally and completely ignored me when I tried to fill the prescription for my new allergy medicine tonight. The pharmacist wasn’t Chuck, and that was the problem. Chuck takes care of us. This guy didn’t. After 15 minutes of the two of them making eye contact with me and rapidly looking away, I left. Jen asked me why I didn’t say anything, but they obviously knew I was there. Dweebs.

5) Speaking of allergy medicine, the fact that I need a prescription now. Not because my allergies have gotten worse or changed in any way, but because the stupid government won’t let me buy more than one or two boxed of my beloved Actifed knockoff at a time. I’m sure this policy will bring all the meth labs to a grinding halt in production, but in the meantime, it’s really become a hassle to get my medicine. So the doctor gave me a prescription for Zirtec instead.

6) Hippies.

7) My left foot. It’s kinda bugging me tonight. It was okay for a long time, but it’s been acting up lately. I actually soaked it tonight. I haven’t had to do that for a while.

8) How iChat always open up the enclosing folder when someone sends me a file. Where do I turn that off? That’s so irritating!

9) The fact that I can’t figure out how to do ChordPro parsing and rendering in REALbasic. I’m sure it can be done, and I think it’s probably pretty easy, but every time I try, I can’t get my head around the problem. I should probably try it sometime when it’s not late at night and I’m all tired.

10) Report cards. Report cards bug me. All report cards bug me.

11) People who describe a 1% tax increase as a 20% tax increase. It’s disingenuous.

12) That my REALbasic subscription ran out, and that I can’t really justify renewing until I can compile Universal Binaries. Note to RS guys who read this site: it’s nothing personal; that’s just my biggest need right now. I know you guys are working on it as hard as you can, and I appreciate it, and I’m not threatening to drop RB for Cocoa/Java/.NET or anything.

13) People who threaten to drop RB for Cocoa/Java/.NET when they don’t get what they want from a new release.

14) That I can’t decide on a good desktop picture right now. That’s really bugging me.

15) Volkswagens.

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