Tangelo 1.5b1 Available for Download

More info (and download links) here.

Lots of goodies in this release. Here’s a quick list. Visit the above link for the full details.

– Real HTML Previews (uses IE on Windows and WebKit/Safari on Mac OS X)
– Completely retooled FTP code (and I mean completely)
– iTunes-compatible Podcasting (according to a new federal law, all new software releases must deal with podcasting in some way)
– New Tags
– Media Folder (for storing all those podcasts, of course!)
– Static Content (pages that aren’t time-sensitive)
– Consolidated Publishing (publish everything from one window now)
– New log window (lots of good info in there)
– Redesigned Wizard and Preferences (hopefully easier to navigate and use)
– Skin Support (download third party templates or share your own)
– Ugli Integration (the skinning tool is now built-in)
– Preview Pane Template (so you can see things the way you want to see them)
– Interface Improvements (some big things and some little things)


I’m going to bed.

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