REAL World 2006

Will you be there? I will. This year, I have the honor of being a presenter. Here are the details of my session:

Using REALbasic in a K12 Support Setting: A Case Study
This session details some of the ways that REALbasic can be used to save money and improve processes in an educational setting, although many of the concepts apply to other environments as well. The session will include learning about some of the advantages of in-house development, automating workflows, using REALbasic as a database front end, and a demonstration and discussion of Kodiak, the student information system made possible and powered by REALbasic. The Kodiak discussion will feature the details of design, testing, training, and deployment that went into a successful internal product launch.

So, yeah, I’m pretty excited. I’ve been to REAL World twice now, but only as an attendee. I’m thrilled and honored to be presenting how I use REALbasic in my job. And I’m really psyched about the chance to demonstrate Kodiak and talk about all the work and planning that went into launching it.

For those who don’t know, Kodiak is the student information system I’ve been developing at work over the past year and a half. Existing solutions simply didn’t meet our needs, so I started building one from scratch.

And no, the name Kodiak has nothing to do with smokeless tobacco. It has to do with bears.

Anyway, I know at least a few readers of this weblog will be there, so I’ll see you in Austin!

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