Monkeying Around

From DVD Verdict:

Jane Goodall’s Return to Gombe is an aptly-titled documentary, for after many years of campaign and activism work for environmental protection, Goodall returns to the family of chimpanzees she began studying decades ago in Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania. Much has changed since Goodall’s last visit, including the usurping of the tyrannical alpha male, Frodo, the dominant chimp. Frodo is bullish and bad-tempered, and has terrorized his community of chimps, almost breaking Goodall’s neck on one occasion and, more amusingly, beating the crap out of “The Far Side” cartoonist Gary Larson on a visit to Gombe. Well, maybe not ‘amusing” per se, but certainly ironic. Anyway, the important point here is that Frodo is a jerk.

I haven’t seen this film, and I most likely won’t, but I have to admit that the spectacle of Gary Larson getting his butt kicked by a chimpanzee is pretty compelling stuff. You can’t buy entertainment like that.

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