When A Plan Comes Together

Tom and I were iChatting about the origins of our department’s gaming names.

Me: I was always Rhino, for obvious reasons.
Me: Joe was Bulldog, because he looks like a bulldog.
MurdochMe: Mike was HowlinMadd, A-Team reference. H. M. Williams, H. M. Murdoch.
Tom: ahhh–thats’ where the howlinmadd came from
Me: Remember that show?
Tom: yes, i remember the A-Team
Tom: i used to watch it all the time
Me: Dave didn’t get the reference for a long time. When we finally explained it, he get offended and said he didn’t watch the A-Team, because it was a kids’ show.
Me: We said that’s all right, we were just kids when it was on.
Tom: it was a kids show?
Tom: never
Me: That’s what Dave says.
Tom: i’ll still watch it when it’s on
Tom: i still like trying to predict when the army jeep will flip
Tom: because it happens every episode
Me: I used to love that 45 minutes into every episode, they would have the “work montage” where you’d see everyone’s hands busy at work on Hannibal’s plan.
Tom: I love it when a plan comes together

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