Blog Censorship? Please…

Via Slashdot:

renai42 writes “A new survey has revealed that Americans overwhelmingly support strong censorship for blogs, even though a substantial amount have never actually been to one. Eighty percent of the 2,500 respondents did not believe that bloggers should be allowed to publish home addresses and other personal information about private citizens. However, more than one-third of respondents had never heard of blogs before participating in the survey, and only around 30 percent of participants had actually visited a blog themselves.”


Since when did publishing other people’s private information for all the world to see become fair game? And at what point did protecting other people’s privacy become censorship? That’s a really loaded word for what we’re talking about here, don’t you think?

I wouldn’t want some goofball posting my home address and phone number on the web. Heck, I keep my number unlisted so that other employees where I work don’t call me at home for tech support.

The article goes on: A further 72 percent favored censorship of personal information about celebrities, and 68 percent, information about elected or appointed government officials such as judges or mayors.

Sorry, but I don’t the rules should be different for those in the spotlight. Celebrities, judges, and your next door neighbors all have the right to a certain amount of privacy.

How is this even news?


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