Speaking of New Tricks

Speaking of new tricks, Tangelo 1.1 was released today! This version adds support for RSS enclosures (this means podcasting and its cousin screencasting), full Unicode support (blog in Japanese if you’d like), and improvements to the FTP publishing engine (now with feedback!). I also fixed a few bugs here and there and spruced up the interface a bit (made it easier to modify post meta-data (like date, time, abstract), added cool little gradients to the listboxes, and gave the about box a makeover of sorts). Download it here.

Satchel WritingI also started up a new development weblog over on bradrhine.com. I’ll be writing mostly about my work on Tangelo, Frequency, and other future products. Comments are enabled there, so have at it if you like. Dave has likewise started a products weblog there, where he’ll be highlighting features of our existing products and basically just pimping us.

In keeping with this, I’ll be posting a bit less about Tangelo and Frequency here, and concentrating more on personal topics. Although, I doubt I’ll be able to restrain from mentioning new versions. I think I’m even going to try my hand at podcasting, since Tangelo does it now and all. I’m also going to be adding some REALbasic tutorials soon, starting with databases. I guess I’m giving away my secrets. 🙂

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