Sweet Home Chicago

I’m sitting in room 621 of the University of Chicago’s Gleacher Center, waiting for PowerSchool University to kick-off.

Fortunately, Jen and Gracie were able to come with me on this trip, which is good, because otherwise, I may have gone insane.

We arrived yesterday afternoon. Gracie was very nervous about the flight, and the 90 minute delay, while we were already sitting in the plane, didn’t help. So I missed early registration for PSU and had to come early to register this morning. We checked into the hotel last evening and I discovered, much to my dismay, that they want $10 per day for high speed internet access. Bull crap, say I. I’ve stayed in two other (much cheaper) hotels this year, and they both provided high speed access for free. Fine, so I’ll use the remaining hours on my AOL trial. Oh, wait – the hotel wants to charge you for dial-up, too! Thank goodness PSU itself has high speed wireless. Aaaaahhhh…

We went down to the Navy Pier last night. Very cool place. I’m sure we’ll be going back. Gracie loved it.

I decided to wear my black Apple Developer Program t-shirt today, because that always throws people off and then they think I work for Apple. But the PSU people gave us each a t-shirt, color-coded by region and asked us to wear them today. So now I’m wearing my royal blue PowerSchool t-shirt, and I look like the rest of the dinks around here.

PSU provides breakfast and lunch every day as part of the tuition. That’s pretty cool. So this morning, I leave my hotel and walk over to the Gleacher center, only to find out that the meals are over at the hotel. Dang. Well, there’s always lunch.

Hey, there’s Wayne! He did my Object Reports training at the IU back in April.

So, let’s see… what else is in my goodie bag? Well, for starters, there’s the bag itself. Really nice laptop backback. PowerSchool keychain, one of those mountain climber clip kind of things (hopefully Mike will provide the correct name in the comments). Ticket for a cruise on the Spirit of Chicago. Probably won’t be going, though. 10% off my next Apple Store purchase. Nice. 4D propaganda. Ehhh, not interested. I’m really finding 4D to be a major turn-off. There would be an iBook in there for me to borrow for the week, but I declined. I’d rather use my own machine, and they were totally cool about that.

More later.

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