Top Ten Albums

10) Lincoln – They Might Be Giants

Ana Ng and I are growing old
And we still haven’t walked in the glow of each other’s majestic presence
Listen, Ana, hear my words
They’re the words you would think I would say
If there was a me for you
“Ana Ng”

9) Muswell Hillbillies – The Kinks

You keep all your smart modern writers
Give me William Shakespeare
You keep all your smart modern painters
I’ll take Rembrandt, Titian, Da Vinci, and Gainsborough
“20th Century Man”

8) Grind – Jawbone Hill

Hey, baby, look to the seasons
Hey, baby, feel them one by one
Hey, baby, shout to the rainbow
Tell the Artist about His beautiful light
“Sun, Moon, and Angels”

7) The Burn Service – Vineyard Music Group

You are the fountain of my life
And in Your light I find my reason
‘Cause Your love reaches to the stars
Even the great deep
And Your love reaches to this heart
And it makes me sing
“Your Love Reaches Me”

6) Utopia Parkway – Fountains of Wayne

When you think you’ve found something worth holding onto
Reaching for attention, hoping she would notice
You collecting bottles and thrown away cans
Like she was returnable, one day would refill your hands
How she loved you, all you imagined
Fit so well into your plans
“Troubled Times”

5) Resigned – Michael Penn

What once I took as remedies were only chalk hypotheses
‘Tis the season for a breeze to blow them all away
To add insult to injury, the sum you gets means I agree
So you can call that empathy and find someone else to blame
“All That That Implies”

4) Ben Folds Live – Ben Folds

I pushed you ’cause I loved you guys
I didn’t realize you weren’t having fun
And I dragged you up the stairs and told you to fly
Flapping your arms, you started to cry you were too high

3) Much Afraid – Jars of Clay

Fare thee well
We’re trading all our words for tea and sympathy
Wonder why we try for things that could never be
Play our heart’s lament like an unrehearsed symphony
“Tea and Sympathy”

2) Pinkerton – Weezer

Yesterday I went outside
With my mama’s mason jar
Caught a lovely butterfly
When I woke up today
Looked in on my fairy pet
She had withered all away

1) Gordon – Barenaked Ladies

Drove downtown in the rain
Nine thirty on a Tuesday night
Just to check out the late night record shop
“Brian Wilson”

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