It Still Happens All The Time

We finally got around to re-recording “It Happens All The Time” this weekend. Click here to download the new version. No more goofy synth running through the whole song (there’s still a tiny bit of synth in there, but it’s completely different and I think it’s used much more effectively this time). Two guitar parts plus bass and drums. Rather than using a stock drum track like I did before, I created a new drum line from scratch in Reason Adapted, an absolute kick-butt program from Propellerhead Software.

And last night, my good friend Brett came over to give GarageBand a try. Brett was the worship leader at Westwood who preceded me. He’s now the Worship and Arts Director for NewSong Fellowship in Lancaster. We fooled around with GarageBand and Reason (ReWire rocks!) for a while, then he decided to record a worship song he’d written a few years ago called “You Alone.” Click here to hear it. Brett did all of the male vocals and guitar work. His girlfriend Jamie did the female vocals, and Jen did the bass line. What did I do? Ummm… I was the producer. Yeah, that’s it. I produced the whole thing. Well, I did help to talk him out of including the Nordic Keyed Fiddle. But Brett was floored by the possibilities that GarageBand and Reason present. I figure he’ll be saving up for a Mac pretty soon.

PowerBook G4: $3100
M-Audio MobilePre w/Reason Adapted: $150
iLife ’04 w/GarageBand (educator discount): $35
Being able to record a song in an evening and have it available worldwide on the Internet the next day: Priceless

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