Picking Nits

For all you Tolkien purists out there, here’s the Nit-Picker’s Guide to The Lord of the Rings. The author compares Jackson’s film adaptations to Tolkien’s original text, in painstaking detail.

Some points are valid:

Faramir never intended to take the Ring to Minas Tirith (TTT p.354,367,383). Jackson has Faramir take Frodo as far back toward Minas Tirith as Osgiliath before he finally gives up on the idea of hindering Frodo’s quest. And, of course, in the book Faramir never leads the Hobbits to Osgiliath.

Jackson’s entire treatment of Faramir drove me crazy. I understand the reasoning behind it, but I don’t agree with it. The whole Arwen thing doesn’t bother me. Turning Faramir into a jerk bothered me a lot more, because it fundamentally changes one of the most noble characters in the story.

Some are truly nit-picking:

Gimli says that he killed 42 Orcs at Helm’s Deep (TTT p.188). Jackson has Gimli end his tally at 43.

Yeah, that’s important.

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