More LOTR Political Nonsense

Yay! More racist and gender nonsense about The Lord of the Rings! This time, for extra fun, we throw in some comparisons to The Matrix trilogy! The article is entitled: A ‘Return’ of the White Patriarchy? Catchy.

By comparison in “The Lord of the Rings,” three women play minor roles: the powerful elf Galadriel (Cate Blanchett); the selfless Arwen (Liv Tyler), who is willing to give up immortality for the man she loves; and Eowyn (Miranda Otto), the niece of the king who must disguise herself as a man to go into battle.

Well, let’s start here. I would submit that none of these roles, at least as portrayed in the films, are minor. In fact, each plays a major part in the destruction of the ring. Arwen takes Frodo to Rivendell to save his life, Galadriel provides the light that defeats Shelob (or at least pisses her off long enough for Frodo to get away), and Eowyn kills the Witch King. To top it off, as Eowyn is about to slay him, she pulls off her helmet and announces: “I am no man!”

“The Return of the King” is a fantastic finish to a memorable film trilogy, but on a personal level, I was much more satisfied with the conclusion of “The Matrix” series.

I have never, ever heard anyone say that before. How on earth could the ending of the Matrix series, which wrapped up pretty much nothing, even be compared to The Lord of the Rings? I mean, I loved all three Matrix flicks, but I’m honest enough to admit that Revolutions left me feeling rather flat and in dire need of closure. Anyone who says otherwise is lying or pushing an agenda.

One of the most ironic parts, to me, at least, is how much LOTR is about harmony between those who have differences. What about the entire subplot about Legolas and Gimli overcoming their stereotypical views of each other’s races? Besides, one of the main themes is how all the free people of Middle Earth have to overcome their differences and unite to defeat evil.

If you want to complain about Lord of the Rings, fine, but complain about Jackson’s treatment of Faramir, fer cryin’ out loud.

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