Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Lots of snow and slop in the forecast for the next few days. Messy driving ahead. Fortunately, I drive what Gracie refers to as a Power Car and the VPN seems to be working. So I shouldn’t miss a beat. And I have some great new tunes to listen to while I plug away at the keyboard.

Which is pretty cool.

iLife 04 (with GarageBand) should be arriving soon, barring any super extreme weather. Hopefully my preamp will arrive shortly thereafter and I can begin recording some demos. It’s time to sing again. I’ll post MP3s when I have something ready. I know several of my readers are musicians, so I’m looking for suggestions for low budget vocal mics. Nothing fancy, just male vocals on a budget.

By the way, for those who asked, my new web hosting company is ModHost, and so far, I’m quite pleased. This site is running on them now, as is, which is still very much under construction, but up and running nonetheless.

That is all.

For now.

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