Top Artists

According to the Play Count totals in iTunes, here are my top bands and artists:

1. Jars of Clay (no big surprise here; I’ve been a Jars junkie since “Flood”)
2. Jadon Lavik (Drum Machine Sessions from Saddleback Church; good stuff)
3. Rainchildren (ah, those were the days)
4. Seven Day Jesus (great sound, great lyrics, great attitude)
5. Michael Penn (the voice of McCartney and the wit of Lennon)
6. Ben Folds (punk for sissies)
7. Chris Tomlin (best worship leader around today)
8. Edie Brickell & New Bohemians (I yam what I yam)
9. Elvis Presley (doesn’t quite fit, I know; but Gracie loves “Hound Dog” and we play it a lot)
10. Barenaked Ladies (Canada’s leading export)
11. Beck (’nuff said)
12. Edie Brickell (solo)
13. Weezer (“wee-oooh, I look just like Buddy Holly”)
14. Love and Rockets (I was surprised these guys were in the top twenty)
15. Paul Westerberg (formerly of the Replacements)

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