A Refined Plea

I am grateful for your suggestions thus far. Let’s refine the process a bit.

1) Nothing with “Frequency” in the name.
2) Nothing with “Blog” (or any variant thereof) in the name.
3) Something completely related to its task would be cool.
3a) Something complete unrelated to its task would be cool.
4) Names that make a logo pop into my head get bonus points.

So far, Bill is leading in terms of sheer quantity. Josh wins for creativity with “Jesus Freq” – very nice, Josh. Dave gets a nod for suggesting at least three names that are already used for existing software, one of which is a blogging system. Dirk gets the “Wha?” award for his comment: “Frequency Space. Isn’t that kind of obvious? :-)” Um, I guess not, because I have no idea what that means. But I’m not that bright. Nicole gets the Tech Theater award for working in movie titles. And Mike… well, we love Mike.

Keep those suggestions coming, folks!

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