A Plea For Help

I’m working on the successor to Frequency (yes, even as I continue to develop Frequency). Maybe successor isn’t the right word.

Let me explain.

Frequency, of course, is client software. That is, it works by connecting to a server somewhere and talking to it, telling it what you want to say. The server responds by posting your content for the world to see.

This works great most of the time. Except for when the server’s down. Or when the server’s just acting funky and not being cooperative. Hey, I work in IT; I know all about Zen computing. Sometimes systems don’t work simply because they don’t want to.

Anyway, the concept I’m working on is a self-contained weblogging system. The database and all of your content will live on your computer. You publish it to your webspace when and how you see fit.

So I need a name. I’ve always liked the name Frequency for my current app, because of the double entendre, one meaning suggesting more frequent updates to your weblog, the other going unmentioned for now.

Up until now I’ve been referring to its successor as Frequency Pro, but the more I think about it, the more lame I think that name is. Please suggest a name, either in the comments or via email. If I pick the name you suggest, you’ll get credit in the about box, a free license, and the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped me avoid paying a real product naming consultant.

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