2003, Begone

Two days remain in the year 2003 AD. It’s so typical, but the end of a year always seems to bring about a time of introspection and evaluation.

So what did 2003 bring for me? Lots.

New friends. Dan and Nicole both joined our department in 2003. Both have been not only tremendous assets to our school, but great friends as well. I’m very blessed to have such friends to work with. Mike and Dave aren’t too shabby, either.

New focus. My trip to Saddleback in California this July will be one of those events I will look back on as a turning point in my life. It helped me to refocus on what’s truly important. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to make the trip. Going through 40 Days of Purpose was quite educational for me as well.

New direction. After several years of puttering about with little more than good intentions, I finally released my first shareware title this year: Frequency. Sales haven’t been quite what I’d wished for (I haven’t quit my day job yet), but I have big plans, both for Frequency and its in-progress big brother, Tangelo. More is the hopper.

New challenges. This year also brought some personal challenges that were quite frustrating. Not all are completely resolved, and some may never be. I can’t go into much detail here for many reasons.

New technology. Panther, Movable Type, PHP, REALbasic, RSS, CSS. These technologies all helped me greatly during 2003. Not all are new for 2003, but they were new for me.

New adventures. Raising a child is always interesting, and this year didn’t disappoint. Gracie turned four this year and kept me on my toes the entire time. Jen and I, meantime, celebrated nine years of marriage in June. Next year: the big one oh.

Here’s to 2004.

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