Happy New Year

2003 is almost gone. I say, “Good riddance!”

My predictions for 2004:
1. In a stunning upset, the general election in November will be won by Dave Mancuso. But the election will be taken from him in a legal technicality.
2. Apple will introduce the 20 inch PowerBook, which will double as a lunch tray or boogie board.
3. Nicole will continue to live in poverty, at the sub-$100,000 level.
4. Some things will not change. At all. Ever.
5. Grace will turn five.
6. Tangelo will see the light of day.
7. Dan will get a haircut and get a real job. Hopefully with us.
8. Mike will regrow his Grizzly Adams beard, prompting more people to tell him that he was great in Castaway.
9. Bill will branch out into new franchises, like six word sentences.
10. Jen will turn 31. I’ve decided not to.

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