Stupid School Tricks

From Wired: A pioneering elementary school district outside Chicago has been sued for installing a wireless computer network by parents worried that exposure to the network’s radio waves could harm their children. Oh, puke. Give me a break. You don’t provide the tools, people complain. You provide the tools, people complain. Besides, I’ve had a wireless network in my house for almost two years, and I’m fine, except for the stutter I’ve developed. And sudden, uncontrolled urination.

And from Yahoo! News comes this gem. A student shared his inhaler with his girlfriend, who was having an asthma attack and had forgotten her own inhaler. He helped her. Let me repeat that: he helped her. What’s his reward? A three day suspension. Oh, yeah, and possible expulsion. Oh yeah, and he was arrested. Arrested! Why? Zero-tolerance policy. The school nurse reported the student to the campus police for violating the drug policy. The school principal said he couldn’t do anything about it since Kivi not only broke school rules, but also allegedly violated state law. Bull. The school principal could take a stand for common sense and say, “You know what? Nothing bad has happened here. No one was hurt, no one really did anything wrong. Let’s just forget about it.” Nope, instead he says there’s nothing he can do.

OK, enough about American schools, how about Australia? Well, it seems as though a five-year-old Territory girl shocked teachers when she showed her class how to make a bong out of a Coke bottle during a “show and tell” session. Yep, 5 years old. And not only does she know how to make a bong, not only does she do it, she does it for show and tell, so all the kiddies can learn!

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