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Just read Amy’s post on Switchfoot and FFH: are Walt and I the only people left on earth who don’t like Switchfoot? oh, they just grate on me…. like Jeremy Deibler of FFH… but apparently all the mu-ivcf clan just think they’re the bee’s knees. I do not understand.

I was going to leave a comment, but I’m too lazy to sign up with Xanga, so I’ll just comment here.

I couldn’t name a Switchfoot song to save my life. Somebody lent me a tape of theirs several years ago. I gave it a cursory listen and promptly forgot about it. I think I gave it back to the lender later. I hope so, because that was several moves ago, and if not, it’s long gone.

And FFH? Well, suffice to say that I have some issues with FFH. I have some tangential connections to them and have been familiar with them personally and with their work for quite some time. I’ll only say, however, that they are not, and I say this emphatically, the bee’s knees. I wouldn’t rate them anywhere above the bee’s ankles.

No, in fact, I don’t listen to much Christian music. Most of it is either too musically bland or too lyrically vapid (if well-intentioned). My current favorite Christian act is probably Rock’n’Roll Worship Circus. Their passion and their energy are inspiring, especially live, and their music is right up my alley. I’ve always been a big Jars of Clay fan, and I still appreciate their music. Most of my favorite Christian bands are no longer together: Jawbone Hill, rainchildren, Dime Store Prophets, Black-Eyed Sceva (who later became Model Engine), Dryve, and some others, especially Anonymous Joe. Oh, and of course, like any well-behaved Christian guitarist, I believe that Phil Keaggy actually is the bee’s knees. I can listen to Third Day and Caedmon’s Call, as well, but I wouldn’t rate them among my favorites. I do like Delirious. Oh, I almost forgot Chris Tomlin. He’s quite good. I also like the worship music being put out by Vineyard and by Saddleback Church.

Ahhh, the MUIVCF clan. Boy, that takes me back. Back to when Bill and I used to heckle whoever was doing announcements by doing our Beavis and Butthead impersonations just loud enough to be distracting. Heh heh, that was cool. But, boy it annoyed the crap out of anybody trying to do announcements, because we always sat right up front.

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