Link Dump

The Steve Jobs weblog: Passed by an Indian buffet restaurant last night. They advertise “more than 100 items”. I really wonder where they got the idea from… OK, not that funny, but worth a chuckle or two.

Selling Singles: “If you download a single, you may ignore the other tracks on the album,” [Reiter] said. “When our artists record a body of work, it’s what they deem to be representative of their careers at that time.” Interesting. I was surprised to Green Day on the list, but not Metallica.

Fish Food: One key reason is that most of the Big Event movies have lost any glimmer of individuality. The problem isn’t just that they’re sequels, but that they’re all bulked-up, 1950’s-style B-movies, crawling with sci-fi mutants, cyborgs, military experiments gone awry, drag racing and Vargas-like pinup girls. He’s saying that like it’s a bad thing!

Mac Addiction: But this is the kind of “thinking system” that computing needs more, and Apple deserves kudos for providing it. Yeah!

Miracles of the Next (Past) Fifty Years. Worth reading.

Jargon: Even the word megahertz, commonly used in advertisements for home computers, mystified many. I must confess that sometimes I use obscure acronyms where every day words would suffice. Not often.

A new Mac news site: MacBytes. Looks like a pretty decent newsfeed.

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