Anonymous Who?

I’ve had a strong desire lately to restart an old project of mine, one that I killed in 1998, one that dominated my life for two years. Anonymous Joe was the band I played in from 1996-1998. I officially ended it in November, 1998, shortly after it stopped being fun and we started taking ourselves too seriously (that was always my promise to myself: I’d quit when it stopped being fun).

At one point, I honestly thought I would one day play in Anonymous Joe for a living.

Steve (the drummer) and I did an acoustic show in Etown two years ago. Last summer, Jen played bass with Steve and me at the same venue. But the whole band, including Tanya on keyboards and the other Steve on guitar, hasn’t played together since 1998.

I doubt it would work with the original line-up anymore. Steve and Tanya have three kids now, and the other Steve was in Nashville last I heard.

The problem is, I don’t know if I could do it with anyone else. Jen and I play well together, but finding a drummer that clicks with us (and that can follow me) would be tough. Plus, I don’t have the guitar skills to carry a band on my own.

Oh, well… Just thinking about what might have been. I don’t really have the time or energy anyway.

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