Jammin’ With Grandma Becker

Jen’s Grandma jammed with us tonight, following Grace’s fourth birthday party. Granted, we jammed on hymns, but it was fun anyway. She and her late husband were in a combo together for years. They played at various churches and nursing homes. When he passed away last summer, she was forced to move from their house into an apartment, so she had to downsize, and gave away a lot of things. She asked all the grandchildren what they wanted. While everyone else tried to figured out which antiques and pieces of furniture they wanted, Jen and I said to each other, “Wouldn’t it be too cool to have Grandpa’s accordion?” Grandma thought it was a great idea, and graciously gave it to us.

Tonight she got it out while she was here and played some songs for us. Then she asked if Jen and I would get out our instruments and play some songs with her. We were more than happy to.

It’s funny, back when Jen and I were still in a band, no one was more supportive of us than Grandma Becker, even though I’m sure she thought our music was mostly noise. She’s a neat lady. I’m lucky to know her.

I wish I’d gotten to know Grandpa Becker better before he died. The last photograph of him was taken just a year ago, at Grace’s third birthday party. He died less than a month later.

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