Keynote: Step One

Robyn Weisman: Engst explained that he believes Apple is on track to provide a substitute for Microsoft Office, and that Keynote is the first piece in this puzzle. He noted, however, that this strategy existed even before Keynote’s introduction. Apple’s “Mail” e-mail application, introduced for OS X and radically upgraded in the Jaguar update, replaced Microsoft’s Outlook Express as the default Mac e-mail client.

Hey, Mail was good enough that I switched. Mike and Dave took the plunge shortly therafter. The integration with iCal is wonderful, and it allows us to collaborate in the office much more than Entourage did.

I’m glad I switched when I did, and started using Address Book, now that the newest Safari beta uses your Address Book card for forms autofill, which is very slick. Safari also has what I consider to be the best implementation of tabbed browsing that exists.

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