Someone wrote a thesis on Weezer. Rather than dissipate when Weezer went on hiatus, these internet communities expanded. The internet message boards became an important forum for fans to exchange opinions on Weezer and to seek out whatever updates they could muster about prospective Weezer activity.

I had a copy of the blue album back when it first came out, and I remember hearing “The Good Life” on the radio shortly thereafter, but I didn’t really start listening to the band again for a few years. I found my copy of the blue album in my car in late 1998, early 1999, and started listening again. Holy crap, I thought. Why didn’t I realize how good this is the first time?

I picked up Pinkterton shortly after that and spent a good, long time warming up to it. It’s a very different album, but I think it shows how much diversity Weezer really has. I also got The Rentals’ first album. Also cool, in a new wave kinda way.

Thanks to Dave (who fell in love with the song “Hash Pipe” before realizing what it was about) for the link.

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