Unexpectedly Quit

Bill and Susan were over last night. We had a great time, and some very good conversation.

Frequency 1.0b2 is now in the hands of my beta testers. I’m thinking this will be the final beta before the April 15 release.

I’m now using Mail, iCal, and Address Book instead of Entourage. And I’m pretty happy the combination. Mail is not as glitzy as Entourage, and certainly not as full-featured, but after a week and a hald, I realize that I don’t need most of Entourage’s features. Address Book is quite a capable little app. Very nice. iCal still has some kinks. Notifications could be better, but I like the option to be sent an email reminder. That’s pretty cool.

The application “Safari” has unexpectedly quit. That probably means it’s time to go to bed now.

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