Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server Essentials: Day Five

Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server Essentials: Day Five. NetBoot rules. And Workgroup Management, well, that rules, too. Apple has taken all the best things you can do with managing Windows clients from a Windows server and elegantly put them into Mac OS X Server. Except it’s so much easier. Today I can confidently say that I’m ready to deploy Mac OS X in a lab environment. Yesterday, I couldn’t say that. Now I just have to get NetInfo and Active Directory talking, but I’m getting closer all the time. Too bad the class is over; it was a blast.

I’m hoping to release Frequency 1.0b2 to my beta group on Monday. List of fixes: less hassle to switch between multiple weblogs, more forgiving of not setting up Blogger accounts. I might add a little iTunes button in there, too, but I haven’t decided for sure, yet.

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