This Is It Boys; This Is War

This is it, boys; this is war.

I think that’s how it went.

I am not in favor of waging an unnecessary war. However, I believe that this war is justified. I know that many disagree with that, and that’s fine; believe what you want.

I believe that Iraq is a threat to the world, and I think it’s sad that so many other nations (and so many Americans) don’t want to see that.

I think it’s sad that innocent people will die in this war.

But I remember, right after 9/11, right after Bush declared War on Terror, one commentator said something to the effect of: “No war on terror can be complete until Saddam Hussein is dealt with.” That was in 2001, and I agreed with him at the time. I just wish I could remember who said it.

Here’s hoping and praying that the war will be over quickly, and that the rebuilding of Iraq will be a stabilizing influence in an otherwise unstable place.

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