Holy Crap!

Holy crap! You miss the news for one day and something totally unexpected happens! Al Gore has joined Apple’s Board of Directors! Check out the Slashdot discussion here. Wow.

Here comes Yellow Dog Linux 3.0. Cool. I like Yellow Dog. Although, to be perfectly honest, I have precious little use for it with OS X around. But it includes Anaconda, and that’s very cool.

News.com: Programmers disclosed a security hole this week in a part of the heart of the Linux operating system that could let users of a machine take it over even if they don’t have privileges to do so. Ouch. Maybe I don’t want to install Yellow Dog.

Check out Dave’s Frequency Test Drive here. He’s taking Frequency for a spin to help with testing. Also a big thanks to Andre Garzia of Soapdog Software for his help and feedback. My targeted release date for the Mac OS X version is April 15. Hopefully the Mac Classic and Windows versions will follow quickly.

Where have I been, by the way? Doing a clean install on Scooby. He decided to stop booting yesterday. I also reset the power manager, but I’m still having battery problems. Guess it’ll have to go back to Apple soon. Crap.

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