The QuickMail And The Dead Mail

Hmmmm. I’m seriously considering moving from Entourage to Apple Mail. I took a long look at Apple Mail tonight for the first time in a long time. It’s nicer than I remember. I really like the nice integration with Address Book and iCal, too. My biggest concern is how it handles threads. One thing I love in Entourage is the ability to view mailing lists in nested threads. I don’t believe Apple Mail offers that. Otherwise, I’m sorely tempted.

I just wish I could ditch QuickMail for it. I’m sick of QuickMail. I’ve been using QuickMail since 1997 and it’s always pretty much sucked. And at work, we have about a dozen people suffering from this weird QuickMail problem where all their mail starts going into “Dead Mail” instead of the inbox. Very annoying. No known cause. Sometimes re-installing QuickMail fixes it.

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