April Fool

Bare Bones Software comes through. They always have the best April Fool’s jokes.

Crazy Apple Rumors has become Painfully Serious Dell Rumors for the day. I hope John keeps an archive of that around somewhere.

Hmmm. I was looking at last year’s April Fool’s recap and noticed this one: AOL buys Blogs. Of course, less than a year later, Google actually does.

Hyatt sez: The next release of Safari will be fully embracing Web standards by dropping all support for tables. From now on, any pages that use tables will cause Safari to play a very loud raspberry sound and refuse to display the page.

The jokes continue: Movable Bloggerland. Spokesmen for Google confirmed the acquisitions of Seven Together (makers of the popular weblog application Movable Type) and Userland (creator of Radio Userland). Plans are to combine the operations of the two companies into the existing Blogger operation. The combined entity will be known as Movable Bloggerland.

This one about nude volleyball? Not a joke. Still funny, but not a joke.

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